Café menu

Grilled sandwiches on sourdough bread

All dishes are served with cheerful arrangements, salad, tomato, onion and cucumber

Sara – 155 SEK

Herb chicken, chanterelles, Emmental cheese and herb cream. Topped with grated parmesan

Malva – 155 SEK

Pork pastrami, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, Emmental cheese, Gammel knas-cheese and parmesan cream

Nannel – 155 SEK

Halloumi, Emmental cheese, black pepper, arugula and tomato cream (vegetarian)

Nemo – 155 SEK

Shrimp, cold-smoked salmon, green onions, Gammel Knas-cheese, Emmental cheese and lime-aioli. Topped with grated parmesan

Baked potatoes

All dishes are served with cheerful arrangements, salad, tomato, onion and cucumber

Mikaelas Skagen – 175 SEK

Shrimp in mayonnaise

Maries kyckling – 160 SEK

Chicken with herb cream. Topped with grated parmesan

Bosses Matjessill – 160 SEK

Herring with sour cream, green- and red onions

Jaffas Vego – 160 SEK

Vegetarian with tempura fried vegetables and herb cream


All salads are served with mixed salad, cucumber, tomatoes, red- and green onions, food- wheat and breadsticks

Fiskartösens Räksallad – 195 SEK

Shrimp salad with vegetables tossed in lime-aioli, egg. Topped with parmesan chips

Kattens Caesarsallad – 185 SEK

Caesar salad served with caesar dressing & chicken. Topped with bacon chips* and parmesan
*The bacon chips may contain traces of shellfish

Bondpojkens Greksallad – 175 SEK

Greek salad with feta cheese, herb-mixed salad, sun-dried tomatoes, olives & herb cream

Ängsgubbens Vegosallad – 175 SEK

Vegan salad with tempura fried vegetables and lime-aioli. Topped with sesame seeds

Poké bowls

All Poké bowls contain rice, salad, soybeans, pineapple-salsa, kimchi and pickled ginger

Fredde – 195 SEK

Sweet chili chicken & mild sriracha mayo

Rasmus 205 – SEK

Soy and sesame-marinated salmon (raw), & black garlic dip

Bella – 195 SEK

Tempura fried vegetables and black garlic dip

Kids menu

Pancakes – 85 SEK

Served with jam and whipped cream or ice cream

Homemade chicken nuggets – 85 SEK

Served with french fries

Homemade meatballs – 85 SEK

Served with french fries

For the wine

Charcuterie tray – 245 SEK

(for 2 people)

Cheese tray – 195 SEK

(for 2 people)

Cheese & charcuterie – 295 SEK

(for 2 people)

Nuts – 50 SEK

Olives – 50 SEK

Chips – 50 SEK

Pizza menu

The pizza oven is warm between 11:30–21:00

All pizzas are made with mozzarella, riddarost, parmesan and our homemade pizza sauces.

Green pizzas

Contain herbs, oil, garlic, salt, and pepper. Topped with salad and Parmesan

Myrholmen – 195 SEK

Two kinds of chanterelles and mushrooms. Topped with Swedish cheese (vegetarian)

Brändaholm – 205 SEK

Shrimp, herb marinated garlic cloves & mushrooms. Topped with red onion & garlic dip

Hetskär – 195 SEK

Hot chorizo, chili flakes, Burrata cheese, olives, roasted tomatoes

Pottnaholmen – 185 SEK

Chèvre cheese, walnuts & honey.

White pizzas

Contain créme fraiche, lemon, salt and pepper. Topped with salad and Parmesan

Ramdala – 185 SEK

Chèvre, beetroot, walnuts, black pepper, green onions & honey.

Fläskholmen – 195 SEK

BBQ marinated pork loin, JD-onions & bacon. Topped with pickled red onion & roasted corn

Ljungsjö – 195 SEK

Artichoke, asparagus, olives, black pepper

Tryffelö – 195 SEK

Truffle salami, mushrooms and capers. Topped with parmesan chips

Red pizzas

Contain tomatoes, basil, oregano and garlic. Topped with salad and Parmesan

Aspö – 195 SEK

Coppa & smoked ham. Topped with garlic dip & lemon oil

Säljö – 205 SEK

Shrimp and crayfish, fresh tomatoes. Topped with lemon oil, green onions & dill cream

Stakholmen – 195 SEK

Pork pastrami, burrata cheese, and roasted tomatoes. Topped with green onions and black garlic dip

Skagen – 205 SEK

Shrimps, red onion, dill & crème fraîche

Lilla Sverige – 195 SEK

Kebab, red onion, mixed salad, tomato, cucumber & garlic dip

Gubben – 195 SEK

Chanterelles, bacon & Swedish cheese

Margarita – 125 SEK

Cheese & homemade tomato sauce
Add ham/mushrooms: + ​20 SEK each

Kungfrö – 205 SEK

Fennel salami, homemade kimchi and poached egg. Topped with green onions and coriander


Take-away gets you a 10 kr discount per pizza.

Open copper

Topped with salad, cucumber, tomatoes, onion and parmesan

Syd (red pizza) – 215 SEK

Smoked ham, copper, fennel salami, artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes and garlic cream

Väst (white pizza) – 215 SEK

Shrimp, crayfish, cold-smoked salmon, artichoke, lemon oil and dill cream

Sweet pizza pie

Ekholmen (white pizza) – 135 SEK

Crushed chocolate. berries and vanilla ice cream

Saltö (white pizza) – 135 SEK

Melon cubes, caramel sauce and lemon ice cream.

Dip sauces – 20 SEK/each

– Lime aioli
– Herb cream
– Habanero dip
– Dill cream
– Garlic dip
– Black garlic dip.